collective unconsciousness: buried memories of US presidents

Collective Unconsciousness: The Buried Memories about US Presidential Histories

There is Collective Unconscousness about How These Three American Presidents Died Collective Unconsciousness: Recovering Historical Memory about US Presidents’ Assassinations and Rigged Elections US Electoral Politics Explained in Two Minutes Introduction The purpose of this article is to wake people out of their collective unconsciousness, and to awaken historical memory of our dysfunctional system of Presidential elections, and in extreme cases, of violent termination of Presidents who ‘don’t follow orders’. Selective Prosecution Has anyone ever noticed how Presidents or candidates that the other side doesn’t like get prosecuted on irrelevant stuff, while NOT prosecuting them on serious actual crimes? Nixon …

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image:google fails badly in a search

Too Often, Google Fails Badly as a Search Engine: It Omits Inconvenient Information

All Too Often, Google Fails Badly. Why? All too often, a search in Google fails badly because it omits inconvenient information, that’s why. And it’s why you must question everything. Let me explain. Since the coming of the ‘information messiah’, Google, the very notion of seeking information, or even ‘the Truth’, has become immortalized as the new verbal imperative, “Google it”. You’re told that if you want to know about something, just go to Google or Google Chrome, or even some of the other search engines built on Google, such as Duck Duck Go, or even Brave. And you’re ‘sure’ …

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rockin in the free world. A homelss person sleepng on a bench with a US flag as a blanket.

Tony Blinken Rockin in the Free World: American Schizoid

Tony Blinken: Rockin in the Free World or American Schizoid Man? In Kiev, Ukraine, Tony Blinken sang the chorus to the iconic song by Neil Young from 1989. Only, he didn’t bother to sing the actual lyrics—a total indictment of everything Blinken stands for. There’s colors on the street Red, white, and blue People shuffling their feet People sleeping in their shoes There’s a warning sign on the road ahead There’s a lot of people saying we’d be better off dead Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them So I try to forget it any way I can[Chorus] …

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comparing treatment of iraq with israel

Comparing Treatment of Iraq with Israel: Shameful Differences

To view the video, click this link below Comparing Treatment of Iraq with Treatment of Israel Einstein Letter to the NY Times Introduction Comparing the treatment of Iraq with Israel, and how it is treated, reveals a number of interesting, if not disturbing, paradoxes and contexts that are governing our current situation. Recent Attacks by Israel: Violations of Both Humanitarian and International Law Many of you may have heard about several serious attacks that Israel has engaged in recently. One was an attack on people who are serving food to starving people. It’s called the World …

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Vladimir Putin's approval rating over time

Putin’s Approval Rating: Open Response to Seymour Hersh’s Post on Putin’s Landslide Victory

Seymour Hersh on Vladimir Putin’s Approval Rating and Resounding Victory: An Open Response Recently, renowned journalist, Seymour Hersh questioned Putin’s approval rating and poll results, which he posted in an article on his Substack.  I, as a free subscriber, received an email, which was truncated, since I don’t pay for a subscription. There are many great journalists, and I just don’t have the money to support everyone. But I was struck by his opening: Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more THE IRON-CLAD PIÑATA Putin is an enemy the West cannot topple—so why does Biden keep swinging? The Russian president’s …

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Angry Uncle Sam. His plot failed again

5 Big Victories: Vladimir Putin Wins Landslide Election

Curses, Foiled Again! Western Attempts to Oust Vladimir Putin and Subjugate Russia Fail Again–Big Time! Well, it’s really teeth gnashing time, big time. Vladimir Putin wins in a landslide election. It’s Putin’s 5th election win.  And Uncle Sam, who’s been diligently trying to undermine the ‘evil dictator’ Vladimir Putin, has failed, with the Russian President re-elected yet again, and this time with an overwhelming 87% Yes vote, in a record 77% turnout. The Communist Party, which usually comes in second in Russian elections, scored only about 4%. The next best result was the New People’s Party, which scored slightly less. …

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toxic people

Many Toxic People: Remembering Victoria Nuland, AKA ‘Toria the Terrible’

On the Retirement of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland Remembering Victoria Nuland   Washington DC has been called the Swamp. It looks to be filled with toxic people. Victoria Nuland first came into my consciousness with the notorious intercepted phone call with the US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in February, 2014. It was bad enough that she was planning a coup, which was obvious from the discussion of which puppet would run the country. But her crude remark overriding any sentiments of the EU—’ And you know, Fu(k the EU’, was so undiplomatic, to use a mild …

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pervasive feeling of anxiety and panic among western leaders

Western Leaders, So Smug a Year Ago, Are Feeling Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and Panic Have Seized the Formerly Smug Nato Western Elites Before I left the USA in 2004, I asked myself, “Is America redeemable?” And the answer I came up with, was ‘no’. While the Western leaders put on a brave face, in fact, they are increasingly anxious and panicking, as they lose control, not just of the situation but of the narrative as they pull the wool over the eyes of their people.   When Things Are Out of Control, Withdraw I was also introduced to Confucian basics in a little Zen group one day seminar. I was struck …

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10 Reasons Why Jill Stein Is the Best Candidate for 2024

What Chance Does Jill Stein Have to Be POTUS in 2024?   Here We Go Again—Another Edition of the Presidential Soap Opera Here we are in 2024, and the quadrennial US Presidential fiasco is gaining steam. And let’s be frank: Jill Stein has got the slimmest of chances this year of being elected President. What’s more, if she were elected, she’d have to deal with the “Washington DC Blob”. So why waste time writing an article about Jill Stein and why she’s the best candidate for 2024?   Bleak US political Situation Here are a couple of notable quotes I …

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Does America hate china? American bald eagle and chinese dragon glaring at each other

6 Reasons Why You Should Hate China–Sarcasm or Propaganda?

There Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Hate China   There’s a big controversy these days in the West over who is the real Boogey Man, you know, evil incarnate. Lex Luthor or even Satan himself….or maybe even China?? So I am going to make it easy for you in this article to explain why you should hate China…not that Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Syria, aren’t about to wreck our great Western, and especially American (that is the United States of America) way of life. The two Coke or Pepsi political parties we have to choose from, …

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