Massive Shifts–Geopolitical, Economic, Cultural, Spiritual

The world is going through massive multi level geopolitical, economic, cultural shift and even psychological and spiritual shifts.

The Unipolar World, I will refer to as “EuroAmerica”, centered in the USA, NATO and the EU, is being challenged by the rising Multipolar World, which comprises “The Global South”—Asia, Africa, South America, and the two major rivals of the US and NATO, Russia and China.

We’re also experiencing a massive shift in consciousness, how people actually view the world. I call this Dualistic, vs Non Dualistic Thinking. Do we see the world in adversarial terms, or in harmonious terms, in fragmentary terms or holistic terms? Click on the various posts to learn about the background history, based on my own research, travels, especially in Asia, Russia and China, as well as my explanations of the “War on Consciousness”, which appears in different forms.

The cure to the world crisis is Critical Thinking. Seek and be open to various sources of information, and then practice how to tell the difference between truth and lies.