Tony Blinken Rockin in the Free World: American Schizoid

rockin in the free world. A homelss person sleepng on a bench with a US flag as a blanket.

Tony Blinken: Rockin in the Free World or American Schizoid Man?

In Kiev, Ukraine, Tony Blinken sang the chorus to the iconic song by Neil Young from 1989. Only, he didn’t bother to sing the actual lyrics—a total indictment of everything Blinken stands for.

The first verse shows the use of ‘the red white and blue’, to distract from the massive homeless crisis and increasing despair of the people. And while we think we are innocent, the targets of our aggression see us as ‘Satan’. But ‘we forget it’– the American people are in willful denial of how we are seen by others.

The second verse notes the drug addiction crisis and neglect and abuse of children. This is a society without a future.

The third verse connotes the first George Bush’s hypocritical ‘thousand points of light’ while promoting war abroad and poverty at home. A society spewing garbage and trashing the planet. And politicians tell us to keep hope alive as things get worse and worse.

And note: This song is 35 years old!

So Why Did Tony Blinken Visit Ukraine?

Tony Blinken just visited Ukraine in what appears to be an emergency meeting with soon to be ‘non’ president Ukraine, Zelensky, whose term expires on May 21sth.

Here’s why:

In 2022, after 8 years of bombing and shelling the people of Eastern Ukraine, ….numerous attempts at negotiation spat on by ‘the Collective West’. Russia finally put its foot down. And now it’s May, 2024, and Russia is making the socalled leaders of the West, notably our ‘heroic’ and ‘cool’ Rockin’ Secretary of State Tony Blinken panic. He has made an emergency trip to Kiev—yes that is the correct spelling of one of the most important cities in Russian history. Not the bastardized spelling “Kyiv”.

Russia is making serious military gains in the past few days, after engaging in a 2 year constant wearing down of the Ukraine military.  This is a Russian channel, which shows the Russian side of the story. Watch this, then read Blinken’s remarks to Zelensky, Then ask yourself, ‘who is telling the truth?’


Blinken’s Fine Words to the Puppet He Helped Install


SECRETARY BLINKEN:  All of us admire your extraordinary resilience, your endurance, your strength, your leadership.  And we know this is a challenging time, but we also know that in the near term the assistance is now on the way – some of it’s already arrived, more that will be arriving – and that’s going to make a real difference against the ongoing Russian aggression on the battlefield. 

We’re determined along with many other partners of Ukraine to make sure that you succeed on the battlefield.

We’re equally determined that over time Ukraine stands strongly on its own feet militarily, economically, democratically.  A strong, successful, thriving, free Ukraine is the best possible rebuke to Putin and the best possible guarantor for your future.  And for all of that, the United States is and will remain a committed partner. 

We’ve traveled a long road together these past couple of years, and we’ve seen the extraordinary courage of the Ukrainian people.  And we know that that courage endures, and that only reinforces our determination to do everything we can to help ensure your success.

As you’ve mentioned, there are a number of critical issues that are now before us for the months ahead, and we want to make sure that together as – along with many other partners that we make these next months successful, that we deal with the challenges that you have, and that we push through all of them and we do it together. 

So I’m eager to discuss all of that with you, and thank you again for having us today.

My Reaction

“Stands on its own feet”:  US puppet Zelensky constantly says it needs more more more. More money, more weapons, more help of every possible kind including NATO intervention, or else it won’t win. It’s obvious that Kiev would not last a month without massive outside help.

“Russian Aggression”: The US has been meddling in Ukrainian affairs since the Cold War, when it backed Banderist Nazi collaborators. See this article straight from the CIA’s own files:

“We’ve travelled a long road together”: Yes, like 80 years of US backing Nazi collaborators.

Stefan Bandera was not a member of R-33, but was another per-
sonality—perhaps the personality of the Ukrainian emigre communi-
ty—that had to be recognized. According to an OSS report of
September 1945, Bandera had earned a fierce reputation for conducting
a “reign of terror’ during World War IL

He led the largest faction of OUN (which split when the war broke out), and Andrey Melnik led the
smaller. Both factions participated in terrorist activities against Polish
officials before the war. and Ukrainian nationalists allied themselves
with their Nazi “liberators” during the first days of Operation Barbaros-
sa in 1941…..

The Soviets wanted Stefan Bandera. American intelligence offi-
cials recognized that his arrest would have quick and adverse effects on
the future of US operations with the Ukrainians. [Like staging the 2014 Coup? my remark]


The USA has been backing Nazi collaborators since WWII. And Blinken accuses Russia of ‘Aggression’?!


And then there’s this line:

We’re equally determined that over time Ukraine stands strongly on its own feet militarily, economically, democratically.  A strong, successful, thriving, free Ukraine….

Following the independence of Ukraine from the USSR, the country saw oligarchs spring up and steal everything the Soviet Ukrainians built.

Ever since the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic gave up its Soviet heritage, the country’s been going downhill. Many thousands have fled the country in the face of deteriorating economic conditions, corruption and now, since Russia finally decided to  demilitarize and denazify the country, young Ukrainian men are either fleeing by the thousands, or getting press ganged into fighting in a losing cause that they don’t support.

Ukraine population trend
Ukraine Population trends since 1950


Ukraine’s population increased from 37 million in 1950 to 51 million in 1993, and it’s declined steadily to current 37 million. A Ukrainian friend of mine in a city of several hundred thousand people told me that the streets feel empty compared with before.

Yet, Blinken has the nerve to say it will stand strong. What’s even more ridiculous, is that the current President Zelenski jailed his opposition, called off elections and his term expires in 5 days (from May 16th, 2024 as this is written). ‘Thriving…free…successful’? Really? Democratic?

Blinken Insults Neil Young

After making these ridiculous remarks, Secretary Blinken went off to have pizza with is Ukrainian counterpart, Kuleba. And then–and this really takes the cake—he went to a club and played Neil Young’s iconic indictment of US society, its chronic gross inequality, homelessness, drug addiction and “gentler machine gun”.

He and the Biden crew, following years undermining Ukraine, have openly bragged about weakening Russia by ‘Fighting to the last Ukrainian’…..and what’s worse, all too many Ukrainians bought into it!

This is a total unforgivable crime that the US and its European vassal states, the UK, France, Germany, Poland, and most other NATO states have committed, a most cynical, hypocritical, pathological act.

I just wonder, when, despite all the propaganda that the people in the USA have been fed about Russia’s ‘unprovoked aggression’ and ‘protecting Ukraine’s democracy’ with an ‘imminent defeat of Russia’,—how will people react when the situation turns out the exact opposite?

And finally, watch and listen to Neil Young’s song. It was written in 1989–35 years ago…And things in the USA are only getting worse!

Rockin’ in the Free World….wow….just wow.



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