Hi, I’m Eric, and I’m here for another video essay, I guess you could say. I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the YouTube videos and articles that I’ve been coming across in the past week or so. And of course, basically the topic is the word is collapse is the Empire in a state of collapse
and by the Empire I’m talking about our dear Western civilization especially the United States and in Europe you know just to give you some Preliminary extreme symptoms. We have probably the most extreme symptom is we have a president who is in a debate with his counterpart, half of whom the country totally despise.
And, of course, the other half of the country totally despise the current president. The current president gave a, shall we say, less than par performance in his latest debate, leading many people to think that he really should resign. This actually raised some really interesting questions because America is the government of the people, by the people,
and for the people. Now, I didn’t call the White House and say that I thought that President Biden should resign. I’m going to withhold my $25 contribution from him, and maybe other people will also. But it turns out that Walt Disney’s granddaughter, I think her name is Abigail, I may be wrong about that,
says she’s not going to give any more money to to the Biden campaign, and she insists that the Democrats find another candidate because she is simply not going to support this guy because he’s, you know, he’s senile. That’s basically, you know, we have to say, call things by their true names. The guy just, you know, he…
and he says, oh, well, I was just having a bad, I had a cold, I need to rest, I can’t do anything after 8 p.m. Well, what happens if there’s a major crisis that takes place after 8 p.m.? Does he call the Russians or the Chinese or the Cubans or the Venezuelans or the Iranians or
the Israelis or the British or the French or the Germans and say, could you please hold it on that crisis because I need my beauty sleep. And besides I’m a blithering idiot after eight o’clock at night. So just cool it until tomorrow morning. Okay. This is, that’s, that’s what president Biden is saying.
So this is, you know, kind of, it’s ridiculous, but you know, then you go to Europe and the people in, England are absolutely furious with their two main choices. You have the Tories who were absolutely despised. They lost like 240 seats in the House of Commons. And the Labour Party person had less votes than Jeremy Corbyn,
who was the real hero of the Labour Party until the Labour Party didn’t like him because he was too kind to the people. He wanted to give too many benefits to the people. And worse yet, He actually said the Palestinians have some rights. Horror of horrors. That makes him an anti-Semite.
So they had to demean him, diminish him, slander him, and basically kick him out of the Labour Party. He did win a vote, so he’s back in Parliament as an independent. But it just shows you the level of dysfunction in the British system right now. Then you have the French.
And it’s the same situation in the French where you have this guy, this Macron, who anybody with a brain could have known. The guy was a Rothschild banker his whole career. And then they manufacture a candidate out of this guy. And the French political system basically engineers a situation where the French people are told,
you’re either going to fight, you’re either going to vote for the horrible far-right woman Marine Le Pen, or you’re going to have to vote for Macron. And, oh, don’t worry about the communists because they’re no good either. So the left was, you know, brushed to the side.
The far right is considered completely unacceptable, and that leaves our boy wonder. You know, they call him, he considers himself Jupiter or something. The guy’s got a, he’s got an ego as big as Jupiter and a brain as big as Pluto’s. But in any case, all of his plans have fallen apart, as have the United States’ plans,
as have British plans. And so the whole Western civilization empire project is collapsing. And so I’ve been thinking about that. And I thought, well, what is going on here? And just as a kind of a biographical note, I majored in German literature in college. And the reason I did that was because I had been majoring in science.
And I was in chemistry, and it was during the Vietnam War, and I’m just thinking, they’re going to train me to make napalm, and they’re going to train me to make chemical weapons, and I mean, what are they training me to do? And it turns out that the military-industrial complex is the major
employer of people like chemists and physicists and people because of the weapons they all require scientists. And I just thought, I cannot do that. This is crazy. And besides, what is going on? What is the society? What are we doing here? I’m thinking I’m at the age of like 19 and I’m thinking these thoughts.
So I decided to major in German because it was the only non-science, non-math course I was taking in my sophomore year. And so there I am and I’m taking these German courses and I’m studying Nietzsche, who is talking about revaluation of values. And Goethe, who was talking about cosmic consciousness.
And Kant, who was talking about the unknowability of things. And Goethe’s very famous play where he says, I’ve studied medicine, jurisprudence, philosophy, and even theology. and concluded that nothing can be known. And so he makes a deal with the devil that he’s going to experience everything that there is to experience in the world.
And at the end of 24 years, Mephistopheles, the devil, is going to take his soul. But he kind of outsmarts the devil at the end because he says, you know, I was doing this not to enjoy the experience, but to learn from it. I’m not attached to it. I’m here as a student. I’m here to learn.
And so he escapes the clutches of Mephistopheles, of the devil. So that had a great influence on me. But the thing was, there was a book that was written in German in 1922 called The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler. And he wrote that book in the wake of World War I.
You have to remember that during the 19th century, there were revolutions During that time, there was a German Revolution of 1848, and there were other upheavals, but it wasn’t a time of… There was also the Crimean War, where England was trying to capture Crimea, which they’ve never given up on that. They’re still trying to do that,
and Russia keeps telling them to go to hell, and rather successfully, I might add. In any case, there was this book called The Decline of the West, and Spengler… talked about the fact that civilizations go through life cycles. They have a period of where they come into being, they have a period of rising,
they have a period of maturity, and they have a period of decline and falling. And he said that the World War I was the mark of a change in the nature of empire. And you could say he’s speaking specifically of the Western Empire Project.
That it’s now in the winter stage of its, it’s in a stage of decline. So here we are in, we are actually 100 years later. And what he was writing about was very interesting, very significant. he talks about factors that, he talks specifically about democracy as a leading aspect of this empire project of the last 200 years.
You had the French Revolution, you had democracy rising in England, even though England is a monarchy, they made it kind of politically palatable, so to speak, for the plebes by giving them a House of Commons and extending the vote. And likewise in the United States, it started off as a pseudo-democracy because after all,
the only people who could vote according to the US Constitution originally were white men who owned property and then of course there was a civil war fought because a lot of people realized that enslaving people on the basis of their skin was not acceptable and that war was kind of won although The South,
you talk with many people in the Southern United States, they still haven’t forgiven the North for winning that war. And yes, they were quite brutal. But hey, the Southern slaveholders were not angels themselves. In any case, he talks about the decline of democracy. And he says that, he talks about the factors leading to the disillusionment with democracy.
And he identified several factors. One was the disillusionment with the elites. As democratic societies become more dominated by elites who manipulate political processes for their own gain, the public becomes disillusioned with the idea that democracy genuinely represents their interests. He wrote that in 1922. Not bad. You know, that’s like 102 years ago.
And he’s addressing the issues that many people are thinking of now. Another issue is, he says, manipulation of public opinion. The rise of mass media and its role in shaping public opinion can lead to a sense of disenfranchisement among the populace. People may feel that their views are being manipulated and that genuine democratic debate is being stifled.
Gee, you think? Then there’s this issue of economic inequality. growing economic inequality can undermine the legitimacy of democratic institutions. When wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few, the ideal of equal participation in democracy is compromised, leading to widespread disillusionment. And, you know, the whole history, you know, I would say after World War I,
you know, you had a kind of a quasi-boom in the 1920s leading to the stock market crash in 1929. And much of that was based on speculation, where if you owned a stock, you could leverage it, I think, 20 to 1. In other words, you could borrow 20 times your investment, and because of that extreme leverage,
basically the stock market was set up for a fall. And of course, when the fall happened, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 80% of its value. 25% at least of the people were thrown out of work. Many farmers were thrown off their land. Life expectancy fell during that time. And of course, Roosevelt came in
They came into office in 1933 in response to that. And one of the major things that he did was he said to Wall Street, you guys have got to cool it with this speculation. We’re going to separate the function of banking.
Some of it’s going to be for commercial banking and some of it’s going to be for stock brokerages. But we’ve got to keep those separate. Now, that more or less worked from 1933 until… I guess it was like the late 1990s, although, of course, Reagan, there was the,
Wall Street is always coming up with plots to bilk the public and use ridiculous leverage or scams in order to make more money, basically, at the expense of other people. So, for example, you had the junk bond crisis in the 1980s where they started issuing these bonds to these companies
bonds of companies and the bonds were basically set up to fail. You’d get a company and one of the practices was some stock market creep would borrow tons of money buy the company and then he would basically asset strip it so he’d cut the company
up sell off the assets add a profit and then leave the company leave the debt and especially they would borrow money from the pension fund to finance this thing and then when the whole company failed the pensions are gone the jobs are gone everything’s gone And they walk away laughing all the way to the bank.
That was one banking crisis. Then you had the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s where a lot of people lost their homes. I know I had a family member who lost her home because of these kinds of machinations. So the U.S. financial system, this is capitalism.
They’re always cooking up some way to bilk the public out of their money. That’s the bottom line. And that leads to income inequality because what they do is they scan the public into giving them the money. They laugh all the way to the bank. They leave the public holding the bag. This happened with the junk bond crisis.
It happened with the savings and loan crisis where people lost their homes. They did it again in the great financial crisis of 2008 where they did both of those things where they packaged these loans that were bogus loans and packaged them as like bonds, collateralized mortgage obligations, and then sold them to pension funds.
They knew that these things wouldn’t work because the loans were just based on unreality. So this is an example of how economic inequality is basically, it is not a bug, it’s a feature of the system. And then another aspect is what we call bureaucratization. He says the expansion of bureaucratic institutions and the complexity of modern
governance can alienate citizens. As democratic systems become more bureaucratic, they may become less responsive to the needs and desires of the people, fostering a sense of disillusionment. This is often characterized as the deep state. So you have a group of bureaucrats who basically make the decisions regardless of who is voted into office. These people are unelected.
They have their own agenda. And so this becomes a bigger and bigger disconnect between the, quote unquote, the government and the The people, it’s supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. And in fact, it’s a government of, by, and for the bureaucrats, the corporations, the lobbyists, the banks, the military industrial complex,
and certain foreign countries. which are so powerful, Israel certainly is one of them, where they can basically write a law that says we’re free of jurisdiction of the US government. Most countries, if you are working, let’s say if I decided to lobby for the government of, let’s say Japan,
or Germany, I’m supposed to file a form of the government saying, I am an agent of this government. But in the case of Israel, it doesn’t happen that way. They’ve created a law which doesn’t require them to do that. So basically, this is bureaucratization. And this is a huge problem.
So what I want to talk about is how has this manifested? And I’ll give you some examples of this. As I was thinking about this video that I’m doing, I was reminded of a friend of mine who told me about, he was a smart guy. He got a job with Lockheed Martin. He was a rocket scientist.
Rocket scientists are supposed to be pretty smart people. So he gets this job with Lockheed Martin. And while he was there, and he was patriotic, you know, he thought, you know, I want to do the right thing and, you know, defend the country and so on and so forth. Although the country doesn’t really,
doesn’t need a 900 or a trillion dollar defense budget to defend itself. We can, we’re perfectly fine defending our borders. We don’t need military bases in 80 plus countries and 800 military bases and military bases we don’t even know about. But anyway,
There he is he’s in this he’s in Lockheed Martin and one of the guys one of the higher ups system, you know we’re really not in this business to make weapons we’re in this business to make a profit, so you know so basically what they skimp on quality in order to make.
make more of a profit and and how does this manifest. It manifests in the case of the Boeing Corporation, which is a major military and aerospace company. Basically, it’s been caught red-handed skimping on safety issues and quality control issues and so on and so forth.
So they’ve had some serious accidents and and equipment failures and things like that, so this is like an endemic problem that we’re facing with the whole military industrial complex, the. The in the year 2001 because i’ve been paying attention to this for a long, long time in 2001.
There were reports that came out that said that $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon budget. They were trying to audit it. They couldn’t audit it. There was a comptroller of the—I forget what his exact title was in the government— But basically, he’s like the auditor for the Defense Department.
And he said, it is impossible to audit the Defense Department. And subsequently, there were attempts made to audit the Defense Department, and they have not been able to do that. So there’s literally… trillions of dollars. At this point, the last count was like $20 trillion of unidentifiable expenditures from the Pentagon budget over all these years.
Our total budget, our total debt is almost $34 trillion. So $34 trillion, they can’t find $20 trillion in Pentagon expenditures And then we wonder why we have a problem. Well, the military is completely out of control. So that brings us to three major crisis situations that we’re in right now.
We have Ukraine, we have Palestine, Israel, and we have China, Taiwan. And there’s sort of ancillary crises with Iran, for example, which is attached. It’s part and parcel of the Palestine issue, the whole Middle East mess, we can say. But let’s take those three. So basically what has happened is that As the empire, as the U.S.
empire has expanded more and more and more, it has gotten this idea into its head that it can do anything. You listen to Joe Biden and every time he’s on television, he says, we’re America. We’re the United States of America. We’re the greatest country in the world. And okay, fine. Let’s leave that to the side.
Now, what was your plan with having the coup that you created in Ukraine in 2014, Joe? What was the idea there? You were going to… You were hiring Nazis to strong-arm the government and then attack Russian speakers who were citizens of Ukraine. You were going to have the Ukraine government bomb its own citizens.
You were going to draw Russia into a war and then create massive sanctions against Russia in order to weaken Russia, in order to overthrow the government of Russia. and then break up Russia? Well, I want to explain something because during the, in 1987 there was a stock market crash and there were indications that the U.S.
economy was not doing so great, but what happened was that when the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, And many people in Russia now believe that that was done illegally, and there’s documentary evidence of that. But when the Soviet Union fell, you could say the people who were compromised,
who got control of the government in Russia after the Soviet Union fell, they basically sold off… hundreds of billions of dollars in assets that were basically owned by the Soviet people. These were the mines, the utilities, all of the great industrial enterprises that the Soviet Union had built over the course of 70 years, they were sold off.
And guess what? Those were put on the stock market. And so this became a big new source of speculation and money creation, basically based on stolen assets. And the same thing happened in Eastern European countries. So that was one of the reasons why the U.S. economy was able to make it through the 90s reasonably okay,
because they got this infusion of free assets, essentially. Okay, so 2001 occurs, and the people who run the United States get this idea that now that the Soviet Union is gone, they can basically take over the world When the Soviet Union was still around,
it basically created a check on US hegemony because they had a lot of influence in Africa and in Asia, Central Asia. India, and they were for much of the time, not all the time, but for much of the time, they were allied with China.
So you go to Africa now, and African countries are throwing the West out finally. I’ll get to that in a minute. they were throwing out the French and the Americans, and they’re saying, you know, we’ve got a terrorism problem. Hey, Russia, remember, you helped us get rid of the colonial powers in the 1960s.
You were helping us then. You’re our real friends. You guys in France and the United States, you tell us you’re friends, but then you rip us off. So, hey, Russia, come on in and help us out here. So this is an example of how the empire is fraying around the edges of the empire. Okay.
So I want to talk about these three areas here of Ukraine, Taiwan, and Palestine, because what we see is that these three projects, especially let’s start with Ukraine, they thought the West thought that they could expand NATO more and more. They broke their agreements with the Soviet Union, broke their agreements with the Russian Federation,
that NATO would not expand beyond the borders of Germany. And they did expand them with the ultimate idea of weakening Russia and basically taking it over and finishing the job of getting all of the assets of Russia. So after, what, eight years of a low intensity war against the Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine, there was definite indication
that the Ukraine military, with the connivance of NATO, was planning a major attack to basically finish off these Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine. And, of course, the Russian intelligence knew about this, the people in the Donbas, these areas that had been under attack continuously for eight years. and we’re seeing massively increasing attacks on them.
That was when Russia instituted this special military operation. People say, oh, you know, Russia invaded. Well, you know, when the United States invaded Iraq, what they did was they completely destroyed everything. They basically leveled all of the infrastructure of the country. And that resulted in 500,000 Iraqi children dying of starvation and disease.
And when a reporter, Leslie Stahl, asked, Madeleine Albright, you know, 500,000 children have died because of your sanctions. Do you think, is it worth it? And Madeleine Albright, who, by the way, was Jewish and was saved by, I think it was like a Serbian family protected her during World War II as a child, saved her from
being taken off to a concentration camp. She apparently lost her humanity somewhere along the way because she said, well, you know, it’s a tough decision, but we think it’s worth it. We in the United States think it’s worth it to kill 500,000 babies because it suits our geopolitical interests. This is empire.
And they did get away with it. But here we are in Ukraine, at least at the time they got away with it. With the case with Ukraine, they completely underestimated, as I’ve mentioned in previous videos, they completely underestimated Russia’s resilience because they kept stringing Russia along, but the Russian…
you could see the Russian nationalist groupings within the Russian leadership structure realize what was going on, and so they were rearming themselves and getting ready for what they knew was going to become a big war. So basically that’s what happened in 2022. Russia went into Ukraine. They thought, that they could create an immediate ceasefire.
They did negotiate that with the government of Ukraine. And then, of course, Perfidious Albion, that is England, with Boris Johnson, went to Kiev and told Vladimir Zelensky, who was the president at the time, don’t do it. will back you, you fight. You’ll fight for your freedom to the last Ukrainian and
as you go deeper and deeper and deeper into debt, we will collateralize the assets of Ukraine, sell off your land, sell off your utilities, sell off all of your assets to BlackRock and Wall Street. And then they have the nerve to talk about protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty. First, they stage a coup,
and then Wall Street swoops in like the vultures that they are and steal the commonwealth of the Ukrainian people, all while they’re telling these Ukrainian people to blame Russia for doing this. This is how insidious and it’s like beyond hypocritical. It’s pathological. But in any case, the bottom line is that Russia was onto them.
And as a result, Russia is winning. And from what I can tell, I don’t follow mainstream news because I know that they’re always lying. But the bottom line is, if you just look at the news reports from the Russian side and you look at I mean, I listened to,
there are Americans who just came back from the Donbas who were, they’re like completely independent journalists. They just came back. They did a news conference at the United Nations and they say, you know, the people who have been liberated from the Ukrainian government are, you know, their homes are getting rebuilt. Everything is getting rebuilt.
So it’s been good for those parts of Ukraine to, And the Ukrainian military is being degraded more and more and more. They’re reaching the point where there will be no more men left to fight that war. And at some point, the Ukrainian project that Biden and originally Obama, because he was the one who instituted it,
that project is going to fail. And that is going to be a major failure. have a major effect on Western credibility with the rest of the world. It already is. People who are listening to this, if you’re listening to this and you’re in the West and you’re part of what I would call, forgive me for saying so,
the brainwashed West, you will be surprised to hear that Russia is actually winning this war. But that’s just the fact. Okay, then we go on to Israel. And Israel… If you know, I don’t know how many people know anything about what’s been going on in Israel.
I went to a Jewish, a Zionist summer camp, you know, for 11 years. So I’m quite familiar with the Israeli narrative. And because, you know, I came from a Jewish family. I know I had relatives who died because of the Nazis in World War II. So I understand the rationale for having a state of Israel.
But as has often been stated, just because the Jewish people had a terrible experience in World War II and lost millions of people, that doesn’t give them the right to go and dispossess the native indigenous peoples of Palestine. But this was, again, this was an imperial project started early in the 1900s. This project was conceived by 1917.
Again, Rothschild banker makes a deal with the British to say we will create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. And so the British had their hands all over this with the Rothschild bankers. And that’s basically how the Israeli project came about. And it’s important for people to understand that in that time frame, 1948 and earlier,
when the state of Israel was being conceived, and there was questions of whether it will become an actual country or not, there was a substantial number of Jews who were against that idea. They said, first of all, we don’t want to move there. We don’t need to move there. We’re happy where we are.
And secondly, we can see that by imposing this territory on the indigenous people of that area. It’s just going to create endless conflict. And they were right. And here we are. The Palestinians have been treated terribly for the last 75 years. Many of them have been exiled to surrounding countries,
but there’s still many Palestinians within the confines of what has been left, the land, what has been left for them inside of this occupied area And the Israelis had this idea when the October 7th attack occurred, they had this idea that they would use this as an excuse basically to ethnically,
they call it ethnically cleanse the Palestinians out of Gaza. It’s not ethnically cleansed. is a euphemism. It’s called forced expulsion or death. When you cut off the food, medicine, water, and bomb a very small area continuously with as many bombs or more than were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in terms of actual tonnage of explosives,
The number of dead must be extremely high. It’s very difficult to believe that it’s only like 38,000. I mean there were cities in Europe that were bombed just as badly. during World War II, and tens of thousands of people died in a day or so.
So to think that 38,000 people have died over the course of eight or nine months, it’s just, that is completely unrealistic. This is a genocide project, and the Israeli public has been brainwashed for decades to justify to themselves this completely inhumane treatment of Palestinians, and it was completely unnecessary.
They could have made an agreement that those Jews who were displaced and needed a place to go, they had a choice. They could go back to Germany, or they could go to the United States, or they could go to other countries, or they could go to Palestine.
You didn’t have to create a separate state and create this problem. It was completely unnecessary. And even for those Jews who were there, why set up this deeply adversarial, contemptuous relationship with the indigenous peoples there? It’s a completely tragic and unnecessary event that occurred there. But the bottom line from an empire standpoint is that Israel is losing.
It’s been nine months. They thought they were going to clean Hamas out quickly, and then they were going to ethnically expel the people into the Sinai Desert. That plan has failed. And because they haven’t succeeded there, Hezbollah, which is the military in Israel, political formation in Lebanon. They’re saying, you know, this is completely unacceptable.
We’re not going to let you get away with this scot-free. Yemen, which is a small, poor country that has been under attack and had terrible suffering in the past at the hands of Saudi Arabia, again, with the help of England and the United States. They basically said, as long as you Israelis are committing genocide on Lebanon,
on the Palestinians, we’re going to shut down your ability to import goods through the Red Sea. So they’ve basically cut trade off so significantly in the Red Sea that the port of Eilat, which is the southern port on the southern tip of Israel where the Red Sea is, the port has gone bankrupt.
because they’ve lost all that business. The Israelis have lost many, either to death or injury, thousands of Israeli soldiers. So Israel is not getting off scot-free from a military point of view. They’re not getting off scot-free at all from an economic point of view by mobilizing all these soldiers. They’re hurting their own economy
And now they’re picking a fight with Hezbollah. And Hezbollah has a military with like 100,000 missiles that can target virtually any place in Israel with high precision. So Israel is in very serious trouble as well. And of course, if Israel does attack Hezbollah, that could bring in Iran.
And if Iran comes in, that could bring in the United States. So we could have a third world war just over that area. But in the meantime, you’ve got two areas. The Ukraine project is failing, and the Israeli project to expel the Palestinians, that is failing.
Both those states, Ukraine and Israel, are failing states or failed already states. And then you have China and the United States. The background on China and Taiwan is that the official name of Taiwan is the Republic of China. In 1949, between the end of World War II and 1949,
there was a civil war between the quote-unquote nationalists who were allied with the United States and the Western colonialists and the communists. And basically, the communists made common cause with the peasants of China who constituted the vast majority of the people. And they basically said, you know, you… guys from, you know,
you nationalists who were essentially proxies for the Western colonialists who oppressed us, oppressed China for the better part of two centuries and nearly destroyed our country. Get out. You know, they wanted to capture them, actually, but they failed. The communists failed, and the nationalists, what is called the KMT, landed in Taiwan.
And for, I forget, like 20 years or so, The KMT government in Taiwan was a member of the United Nations, and China was not. And finally, Nixon and Kissinger realized that from a realpolitik point of view, that it made more sense to finally recognize China.
But the United States was still not willing to give up control over Taiwan. So they made an agreement with China that… like what is called the one China policy, where Taiwan is considered a part of China. They understand it is part of China. That’s what they say. But what they’re doing is they’re arming Taiwan,
and they are propagandizing the people on the island of Taiwan that the Chinese, the communists are bad, and America’s your friend, and if China attacks you, we’re going to have your back. They’re basically… creating the conditions for Taiwan to be another Ukraine. And that is not going to work because, you know, from a logistics standpoint,
the United States is, what, 5,000 miles? You’ve got to send ships all the way across the Pacific Ocean just to supply this tiny little island relative to the massive landmass and people. I mean, China’s like 1.4 billion people. Taiwan, it’s a few million people. It’s a small island. It’s indefensible if China really wants to take over.
But China doesn’t want to use violence. China’s a much more peaceful country. It’s had a much more peaceful history than the United States. And so their plan is to just basically entangle Taiwan’s economy with China’s so thoroughly, which is what they’ve done, that the Taiwanese will realize, hey, this whole idea of independence is
It’s just not workable, you know, realistically. We are part of China. Our economy is completely entwined with China. So America, you can just, you know, just sail off to the sunset, leave us alone. So eventually, that will hopefully be how this works, unless, of course,
the United States foments another war the way they fomented a war in Ukraine. You know, they basically, you know, by threatening Russia… so significantly and threatening Russian speaking people so significantly in Ukraine. And please remember that it wasn’t just the Ukraine fascist-led government that was attacking Russian-speaking people for the crime of speaking Russian.
They literally, they had this expression, Russians on knives, Russians on knives. Kill Russians, kill Russians. This is what they were, they had torchlight parades. They’re talking about this. And so that’s why the Russian-speaking areas realized that they needed to break away from these crazies that had taken over the government in Ukraine. And it wasn’t just that.
It wasn’t just the fact that shelling had increased to like 2,000 shells a day on this rather small area. You can imagine your neighborhood or your city having 2,000 artillery shells a day, every day, for weeks. How would you feel if that happened? What kind of help would you ask? Just think about that.
But it wasn’t just that. there was clear evidence that the United States had quote-unquote bio-research labs. This is biochemical, this is germ warfare laboratories, not just in Ukraine, but in Georgia and other countries in Central Asia, and also around China. So the United States has been planning… by a warfare against Russia. In fact,
they’re using techniques where certain racial aspects like Slavic DNA could be targeted for specific diseases. So that was another aspect. And then, of course, the plan was to put missiles, nuclear-capable missiles or missiles inside of Ukraine that could attack Russia. And as we speak, that’s in fact what is going on.
They have missiles that have attacked targets in Russia. And so if the United States, or rather if Russia or China, had said to Mexico, hey, you know, we hear that the United States is planning to invade your country because you’ve got a drug problem, which basically we’re involved with, but we’ll leave that to a side.
we’ll help you out. We’ll put some military bases on the border of the United States. And we might put some missiles in there too. And maybe, you know, remember those Cuban missiles that we had in 1962, the nuclear missiles, you know. So if you’re going to put missiles in Ukraine that are, you know,
10 minutes away from Moscow, we can put some missiles into Cuba too. This is what’s going on. And so Russia said, you know, We’re having none of this. We’re going into Ukraine and cleaning that mess up, which the US is clearly responsible for. They’ve been at it for decades, setting up this problem.
So that’s the situation with Ukraine. And they want to do the same thing with Taiwan. It’s falling apart. Now, you can ask yourself, why is it falling apart? And one of the main reasons, and this came up in one of the videos that I was watching, was that the United States completely underestimated Russia. John McCain was this…
senator, former bomber pilot in Vietnam. And he became a senator and he called Russia a gas station masquerading as a country. So they completely underestimated the Russian economy. And when the Russians realized what was going on, They basically completely reoriented their economy so that they not only were selling gas and oil,
which was sanctioned by the United States and Europe, that they couldn’t sell directly to Europe. Russia said, okay, we’ll sell our oil to India. We’ll sell our grain to India. We have a lot of other products. We have nuclear power plants. We’re putting those in countries. We have weapons. We’ve got a lot of stuff to sell.
We’re forgetting Europe. Europe has proven itself to be completely unreliable and treacherous. And so we’ve got better friends in Asia and in South America and Africa. So they completely outsmarted the United States economically, and they completely outsmarted the United States militarily for the reasons that I stated in the beginning. Now there’s one other factor,
and this is like, I would consider this, when we’re talking about an empire failing, my reading, this is the real reason why the empire is failing is that the people who run the country, who really make the decisions about this civilizational project called the West, they’re so greedy that they basically mine everything.
you look at the agricultural system, they suck the nutrition out of the soil, and they used fake fertilizer instead of organic, you know, re-nourishing the soil. They take the oil, they take the minerals, they never put anything back, but the worst thing is that they do, They deindustrialize their own industry,
which makes it very difficult to even make the weapons that they need to fuel an empire. They don’t have a chip industry, so they have to rely on the Chinese for the chips for their weapons. And the worst part is that by making education unaffordable and dumbing down the public, they’ve made the education,
the very basis of an education, which is educating the youth to be productive and capable of doing the kinds of technology and innovation that is needed in this modern society. they have basically gutted that, and as a result, U.S. military technology has gone down, partly because it’s associated with the profit motive,
and they don’t really care about quality, and partly because just the quality of the engineers, they’re not as good as the Russians and the Chinese. It’s as simple as that. So that’s basically what I want to talk about, and there’s I’m going to go into this in other videos because this is really important stuff.
The only way out of this situation that I can see is a complete, what we call, revaluation of values. We’ve got to change the way of thinking of the Western civilization away from this dog-eat-dog, individualistic, he who dies with the most toys win. We have to do away with that system.
We have to create a society which is based on a common purpose of building a society that works well for everybody, not just for the 1%. So that’s what I want to talk about, and I hope this is helpful for you.
So just before I end, I just want to say that I’m not making a lot of money. I’m not charging people to view my videos and be subscribers. But if you would like, you can buy a t-shirt, and my t-shirts have messages on them, so that hopefully if you wear one of my t-shirts,
somebody will see it and you can strike up a conversation with them. Because the only way that we’re really going to change, we have to change this, we are facing a crisis of consciousness. We have to raise the consciousness of the people. Most people really don’t understand
And I just remembered I wanted to talk about something because I have an old friend, and I’ve known her for, you know, like 40, at least 40 years. And I said that, you know, the U.S. system essentially, it’s a military system. It’s the military industrial complexes. He’s killing millions of people. He’s oppressing countries everywhere.
Our civil liberties are falling apart. People, even in the United States, people are kind of recognizing that there’s a problem here. They haven’t noticed it. So I said, you know, this country is going fascist. So this woman says, I don’t know how you define fascist,
but I’ve enjoyed and used rights such as right to vote and seeing my choices win at times. Well, how many times have you won something that really matters? And how do you know your votes even count? Because the elections are rigged from top to bottom. The voting machines are unaccountable.
The candidates, you know, you look at the Bernie Sanders campaign that was sabotaged twice. You’ve looked at candidates like Dennis Kucinich in 2004. He was a peace candidate. His candidacy got crushed. Chelsea Gabbard’s campaign got crushed. So the people who you get to vote for are so thoroughly vetted that you don’t really have a choice of politicians.
She says, you’ve got a right to my own body. Well, you know, and she complains about Russia, you know. Well, Russia, they also, you know, if you’re in Russia, you can get an abortion if you want to get an abortion. She says… I have the right to my own credit card as a woman. Well, is this,
you know, paying 4% more for a product using a credit card, that’s a gift that the credit card company is giving you? You’re paying more money for the use of their credit card and you consider it yourself and you’re thanking them for that. I can travel where I want. Well, but you can’t travel to Cuba,
you can’t travel to Iran, and they just make it difficult to, you know, North Korea, there’s certain no-go countries that you’re not supposed to go because you might see another opinion and hear what other people have to say about the United States in those countries. Interesting. Interesting. she says, I have a right to speak my feelings.
Well, you know, within limits. If you’re Medgar Evers, or the three voting rights workers who got assassinated in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, or many of the Black Panthers, Fred Hampton and others who were assassinated, or Bobby Kennedy, or Jack Kennedy, or Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X. The right to…
You can speak if your words are ineffectual, but if your words start making a difference, all hell can break loose on you. And you look at Julian Assange, it wasn’t even a citizen, and he was lucky. It took massive pressure to get him back to Australia. So for people to assume that our
Our rights to free speech are there. It’s simply not the case. Obama actually revoked habeas corpus several years ago. So don’t think that we’ve got rights like we used to have. And then she says, my older daughter lived in Russia for a year, so I know what I speak.
She didn’t know if she would be allowed to return home. So I want to just finish off by saying this. When I go to another country, I go there as a student, and I go there with a humble heart. I don’t go there with the idea that I’m from the West and I know better than you.
Because if you go to a country and you show that people pick up on these kinds of things, and if you indicate that you have an attitude of superiority to them, they’re going to look down on you. That’s the reality. I’ll give you a really good example of this.
When I went to China, I went there to study. I’ve always been very interested in Chinese culture. And I went to visit temples, you know, Zen temples that had a big impact on my own personal development. So when I went to China, everywhere I went in China, people helped me. People gave me money to travel in China.
if you can believe that. They paid for my plane tickets. They’d give me an envelope with $100 in it. This happened to me all the time. On the other hand, I knew this guy who was a former U.S. Marine, and he went on a tour with China, went on a tour to China,
And after he got there, the tour guide said, you know, there’s a problem. You might get arrested, so you better go back to Thailand. Well, the reason why is because the guy is an arrogant person, and he doesn’t know how to conduct himself, and he makes people, you know, not like him. And so…
That’s the way it is. If you’re a guest in another country, it’s our responsibility to be a good guest. And if you show arrogance or some type of action or behavior that offends the people in that country, they’re going to treat you accordingly.
so that’s all i got to say about that but i just want to finish by saying if you have if you’d like to you know buy one of my t-shirts and and strike up a conversation with people so that we can have we can start to develop on the on the
ground level we’re talking about the bare ground level we’re talking about grass shoots growing up through the concrete level um That is where we’ll change the consciousness of the country so that we can actually create a better world and hopefully avoid a catastrophe that the leaders of our nation are taking us to. So thanks.