Should Jimmy Dore Run for President in 2024?

Jimmy Dore is a comedian, political commentator, and YouTube host known for his progressive views and critical analysis of American politics. With the next presidential election coming up in 2024, there has been speculation that Dore might run for president. While this might excite some of his fans, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of a Dore candidacy.

Pros: Why He’d Be a Welcome Alternative

  • Bringing attention to important issues: Jimmy Dore has been a vocal critic of the establishment and has highlighted important issues that mainstream media often overlooks. Running for president would provide him with a larger platform to raise awareness about issues such as income inequality, corporate greed, and climate change.
  • Challenging the two-party system: Many people feel disillusioned with the two-party system and believe that there needs to be an alternative. By running as an independent or third-party candidate, Dore could provide a viable alternative for voters who are tired of the same old politics.
  • Speaking truth to power: Dore has built a reputation for speaking truth to power and challenging those in positions of authority. Running for president would give him an opportunity to hold those in power accountable and demand that they serve the people rather than their own interests.

Cons: A Recipe for Disaster?

  • Lack of political experience: While Dore is knowledgeable about politics and has been involved in activism, he has never held political office. Running for president without any political experience could be a disadvantage as it may be difficult to navigate the complex political landscape.
  • Lack of support: While Dore has a dedicated following, it’s unclear how much support he would have in a presidential race. Without a strong base of support, it would be difficult to mount a successful campaign.
  • Limited media exposure: Despite his popularity on YouTube, Dore has limited exposure in mainstream media. This could make it difficult to get his message out to a wider audience and gain traction in a presidential race.
  • Risk of splitting the progressive vote: There is a risk that Dore’s candidacy could split the progressive vote and ultimately benefit the Republican Party. This could be a concern for those who are focused on defeating the GOP and preventing another Trump-like presidency.
There are certainly pros and cons to Jimmy Dore running for president, it’s ultimately up to him to decide if he wants to throw his hat in the ring. Running for president is a significant undertaking that requires a great deal of time, effort, and resources. Ultimately, it’s up to voters to decide whether or not they believe Dore would be a viable candidate and whether or not they support his platform. Whatever his decision, Dore will undoubtedly continue to be a vocal and important voice in American politics.

What Jimmy Dore Needs to Do

If Dore does decide to run for president, there are some things he could do to increase his chances of success.
One important step would be to build a strong campaign team with experienced political operatives who can help navigate the complicated world of politics. He could also work on increasing his media exposure and reaching out to new audiences beyond his core fan base.
He also needs to gather a team of bonafide policy experts and advisors, such as economist Michael Hudson, Brian Berletic, journalist, researcher and foreign policy expert, retired Colonel Doug MacGregor, the team of Intelligence Experts of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (which correctly said that Iraq’s WMD did not exist and were not a threat). Those types of people.
Another important consideration would be to carefully craft his message and platform. While Dore has been critical of both Democrats and Republicans, he will need to articulate a clear vision for what he would do if elected. This could involve outlining specific policy proposals or focusing on broader themes such as justice, equality, and democracy.


If Dore is able to build a successful campaign and gain traction in the polls, he could help to shift the political discourse in America and bring attention to important issues that have been ignored by mainstream politicians. He could also provide a real alternative for voters who are fed up with the two-party system and looking for a fresh voice in politics.
However, there are also risks involved in running for president. For one, Dore could (actually WOULD) become a target of political attacks and negative media coverage. He could also face legal and financial challenges as he works to build a campaign and get his message out to voters.
Ultimately, the decision to run for president is a personal one and depends on a range of factors, including Dore’s own motivations, resources, and level of commitment. While some may see him as a long-shot candidate, others believe that his progressive views and commitment to social justice make him an ideal candidate to challenge the status quo.
In the end, it will be up to voters (assuming that the election is NOT rigged)  to decide whether or not they want to support Jimmy Dore in a presidential race. Whether or not he runs, however, his voice will continue to be an important one in American politics and his criticism of the establishment will undoubtedly inspire others to speak truth to power and fight for a better future.
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