RFK, Jr. for President: To Vote or Not to Vote, That Is the Question

Ed Curtin’s Interview with Regis Tremblay

Recently, Professor Ed Curtin discussed the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He’s the nephew of John F. Kennedy, who was President of the United States, and assassinated in 1963. He is the son of JFK’s brother Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968.  Both were ostensibly murdered for their opposition to the war in Vietnam, and, if you will, to ‘the Deep State’, which really rules the United States.

They discussed the question whether the deep divisions and imbalances within US society can be reconciled. It’s thought provoking and well worth watching.

RFK Jr. has made his career as a corporate lawyer who took numerous corporations to task for their destructive environmental policies, and more recently, gained notoriety for his opposition to vaccines, especially the socalled mRNA vaccines promoted by Pfizer. His research is backed up by this presentation by a noted Thai medical doctor and researcher.

I appreciate Ed’s point of view. I agree with the Daoist principle of water seeping through whatever cracks there are, or blades of grass rising from the rocks. We see this in Nature.
However, while I will watch the campaign, and if he actually wins the nomination (or if there is a primary vote, I may vote for him, if for no other reason than to undermine the Demon-cratic party stranglehold) I don’t see this making a difference. It would be like having the plebescite in 1938 in Germany. The Nazis won, of course.
I agree with the Kreisau circle of dissidents during the Nazi period. They felt that only a total crushing of the regime by the Allies would discredit the regime enough, to teach the German people a real lesson. Which pretty much succeeded for 70 years, until recently.
This is not about cutting out the obvious tumor of the Democratic Party, which has, along with the Republicans, been promoting endless wars abroad, while–to use RFK Jr.’s term–strip mining its own US population.  The cancer has permeated the body politic of America so thoroughly that only ‘organism death’ allowing for something totally new to arise will solve the problem.
If you haven’t seen the video of the Thai doctor, it’s a must.  Not only does he expose Covid as a biowarfare attack by Western colonialists, but he ends by stating that Asian Civilization and consciousness is more advanced, more wise and understanding, and far less virulent than the West. This is a bitter pill for self satisfied Westerners to swallow, but it’s how much of the rest of the world thinks of us.
It’s time for the Collective West, the European and American marauders to be put into purgatory for a few hundred years until they grow up.
It’s not like this is new information. During the 1960’s this was a common criticism which was systematically suppressed and repressed in the political consciousness of the American people, as well as the Europeans. Our comfortable lifestyle, if we are among the still surviving middle classes, is not simply a function of ‘Good old Yankee ingenuity’.  It’s a result of centuries of invasion and plunder. Well, the rest of the world, led by economic giant China and military and commodity power Russia is standing up. And make no mistake. The “Bold Marauders” are scared stiff that their game is up.

The Bold Marauder needs to be taught humility.

Update: RFK Jr. Reveals Himself

This is an update of this earlier posted article. RFK Just gave a speech in Boston, MA. He has revealed himself to be profoundly ignorant, or just pandering to the deliberately naive US public.

Kennedy says that ‘we’, meaning the US are in Ukraine for the right reason, presumably defending poor little Ukraine from big bad Russia. What? He does not know that Obama, Joe Biden himself as Vice President, Victoria Nuland, and Republicans John McCain and Lindsay Graham fomented and engineered ‘the most blatant coup in history’ according to the independent intelligence company, Stratfor?
He does not know that this coup regime, which came to power due to the most extreme vicious Ukrainian nationalists–themselves Nazis– whose grandparents collaborated with the Nazis to carry out horrendous atrocities during WWII?
He does not know that for 8 years, after massacring dozens of opponents of the coup in Odessa in May, 2014, the Kiev regime has been shelling and killing civilians in areas that were attacked because of their ‘crime’ of speaking Russian?
And he does not know that Ukraine was being armed to the teeth for a planned war against Russia and the people in the Donbass? The socalled Minsk Agreements, a way to end the conflict, was misused by Ukraine, Germany and France to ‘buy time’ to prepare for a massive attack.
Such ignorance of these irrefutable facts, which I wrote about in previous articles disqualifies him. He further panders to the American Exceptionalist myth of the ‘Good American People’. Well, there are good people, but The Bold Marauder tells a different story. The American people have NO IDEA what horror has been done in our name, for the entire war torn history of the country—90% of the time, it’s been at war with one or another country, unlike any other country in the world.
As Martin Luther King said, before being assassinated for saying this truth: The US is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.
This short snippet, just over a minute, exposes him as just another ‘controlled opposition’ who drains away the energy needed for fundamental change in the consciousness of the people. What a disappointment, but hardly unexpected.
It’s hi ho hey, I am the bold marauder
And hi ho hey, I am the white destroyer
For I will bring you silver and gold, and I will bring you treasure
And I will bring a widowing flag, and I will be your lover
I will show you grotto and cave and sacrificial alter
And I will show you blood on the stone and I will be your mentor
And night will be our darling And fear will be our name
It’s hi ho hey, I am the bold marauder
And hi ho hey, I am the white destroyer
For I will take you out by the hand and lead you to the hunter
And I will show you thunder and steel and I will be your teacher
We will dress in helmet and sword and dip our tongues in slaughter
And we will sing the warrior’s song and lift the praise of murder
And Christ will be our darling
And fear will be our name
It’s hi ho hey, I am the bold marauder
And hi ho hey, I am the white destroyer
For I will sour the winds on high and I will soil the river
And I will burn the grain in the field and I will be your mother
And I will go to ravage and kill and I will go to plunder
And I will take a fury to wife I will be your father
And death will be our darling And fear will be our name

14 thoughts on “RFK, Jr. for President: To Vote or Not to Vote, That Is the Question”

  1. Your writing is so relatable and down-to-earth It’s like having a conversation with a good friend Thank you for always being real with your readers

  2. Your writing is so relatable and down-to-earth It’s like having a conversation with a good friend Thank you for always being real with your readers

  3. I love Ed Curtin’s closing remarks. He is right that we need the truth to be told now more than ever. Even if it falls on deaf ears, it must be said and Bobby Jr. is a good and honorable man and his words are powerful.
    He is the man to do it . There just isn’t anyone better now.
    Perhaps he could even come around more to our way of thinking on other issues we care about. Anything is possible in a fair and free debate with reasonable and open-minded people.

    • I have sent him a message on his website. He probably needs to be beseiged to make a difference. His dad took a long time to speak publicly against the war. Democrats are not trail blazers.

  4. Good page, Eric. I agree with every thing said here. we are of the same mind that RFK Jr’s voice (as difficult as it is to listen to) is more important now than his future in politics or if he has any. He has important things to say that must be heard and yet, he has already been censored by ABC News and others.
    I don’t like that he is running as a Democrat, or that he embraces capitalism, or that he slanders Putin without
    cause. He would not be a candidate I would choose and I will never vote for him unless he changes his opinion on all of those issues.
    But I was gobsmacked by his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and urge everyone to read it and share. If nothing else comes out of his candidacy than more people read his book, it would be worth the effort.

  5. white or light color text on a black field is always easier on the eyes…if that is what Regis means…


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