Is Trump the Answer: 18 Historical Facts about Trump

Political corruption. Politicians and the Capitol awash with cash

Here We Go Again

Well, here we are again in another Presidential electoral circus. I so recall the horror that people felt about a possible Trump reelection. And why Biden represented the ‘sane alternative’ (presumably). As for Trump fans, if the record presented here suits you, I have nothing more to say.

Now, many who foolishly voted for Biden, thinking he would be an improvement over Trump, think that Trump will be an improvement over Biden.

Never mind Biden’s mental state, his numerous betrayals of the people (breaking railroad worker strikes, making student loan forgiveness a shadow of what’s needed, for example) are bad enough. But his forthright support of two horrific wars: first, the adamant support of the uber corrupt Kiev coup regime that Biden installed, giving full support to the actual descendants of Hitler collaborators, and his full support to Israel for the most blatant genocide in full display since the German atrocities against Russians, Poles, Jews in Ukraine in WWII is horrific. And he’s poking both Iran and Yemen and China. So it’s understandable that people feel desperate for ‘the good old days’ of Donald Trump.

I don’t see it that way. As the ‘evil dictator’ of Russia (with 70+% approval rating), VV Putin so ‘slanderously’ [accurately] put it. “It doesn’t matter who is US President, the policy doesn’t change”.

So let’s engage in one of my favourite hobbies, taking a walk down memory lane. I am not going to discuss the more volatile issues of illegal Democratic Campaign interference and Trump’s non existent collusion with Russians.

Let’s recall that Bush II stole both his elections in 2000 and 2004. That the voting machines are largely non transparent and that they are still owned by Diebold, a notoriously pro Republican corporation. As good old Comrade Stalin said, “it doesn’t matter who votes, it’s who counts the votes.” Well, maybe so, the Democrats did pull off an overwhelming flood of fake ballots to overwhelm the fake voting machines. This is just intramural US political blood sport over who gets the lion’s share of the political pie largess. It’s not a question of who wins, it’s a question of who cheats more effectively.

I am not going to go into the salacious details of both Trump and Biden’s sexual escapades, whether it’s Trump’s groping or Biden showering with his daughter, or groping his staffers.

And my purpose here is not to trash Trump in order to make the claim that ‘There is no alternative to Biden’. Arsenic or Cyanide, take your pick. It’s collective Jonestown USA, where it’s not just some weird cult, but a whole country that is being marched towards collective suicide.

Let’s look at Trump’s actual record, well documented both before he got elected and the results of his term in office.

Trump’s Shady Business Deals Before He Became President



Trump Supports Nazis in Ukraine (Whom Biden Installed)


Trump Violates UN Resolutions and Supports Israeli Fascists*




Trump Scorns Arms Control Treaties




Trump’s Racist Attitude Towards China




Trump Brags about Stealing Oil from Syria and Venezuela






Trump Persecutes Julian Assange (well, Assange has the privilege of being hated by both Trump and Biden)


This is a list just off the top of my head.

Why Presidents Get Impeached

Let’s also remember that Nixon was not threatened with impeachment for his actual war crimes of sabotaging Vietnam Peace talks, nor for mass murder in bombing Cambodia. He was kicked out of office for ‘breaking the rules’ by allowing a burglary of the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate Hotel.

Clinton got impeached over sex with an intern who was a consenting adult. He didn’t get impeached for bombing the only pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. Or the wanton, totally illegal bombing of Yugoslavia. Both flagrant war crimes.

Presidents don’t get impeached for the real stuff, the important stuff. They get impeached for minor or relatively minor political corruption, which both parties revel in.

* Not my words. See this letter from the NY Times co authored by Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt.


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  3. You’re absolutely right, Erik. Trump is not the alternative to Biden. There is actually no alternative. Even a brand new, clean candidate, full of good intentions, will be forced into the same old system of corruption. It was Trump who promised to “drain the swamp.” He didn’t, he couldn’t. More than five years ago I wrote that it doesn’t matter who lives in the White House. It is completely understandable that China is wondering who to negotiate with in the US, who is actually in charge, who has the real power.


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