The War on Consciousness: Manufacturing Stupidity

Diplomacy for Dummies

Recently, yet another example of the degeneration of Western consciousness was on full display:

Russians have had to dumb down their speeches at the UN so other countries can understand them, deputy representative Dmitry Polyansky has said

I don’t know what media you consume for your news, but the recent press conference by President Joe Biden, where he refers to President El-Sisi as the president of Mexico comes to mind. Mexico is on the US border. President El Sisi is the current leader of Egypt, which is what…5000 miles away from the US East Coast.


Well, we can sort of excuse Mr. Biden, who is now an octagenerian for not being as sharp as a tack. Although I regularly read The Greanville Post, by editor Patrice Greanville. 

Or watch interviews with former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, who participated in USA/USSR arms control negotiations 50 years ago.

Seems like, some people become very wise as they get older, and some people get dumber….I mean an Arab leader coming from Mexico???

Then, we can look to the chief architects of US foreign policy such as Secretary of State, Tony Blinken. As an arch Russophobe, cites his stepfather who was saved from a Nazi concentration camp by the US. But it seems that Blinken has a selective or defective memory:

Blinken told his stepfather’s story as a tale of one-sided U.S. beneficence, but Samuel Pisar remembers it differently: “I was saved by the Battle of Stalingrad, which was the turning point of the war, and the Red Army offensive,” he said in a 2010 interview with Russian media outlet RIA Novosti. “For me, during the Second World War, Russia was a savior. I consider my saviors to be the Russian and American armies. You can criticize Stalin, the Gulag, and other things that happened in Russia from 1920 to 1930, but the heroism, sacrifice, and victory of Russia in the war against Fascism cannot be questioned. It’s sacred.”

How the US Consciousness Became Corrupted and Degenerate




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